Send Feedback about our Apps

We want to make sure you are happy! Help us help you by following these quick tips to make sure your voice is heard.

Always contact us through the app — not via reviews

Here’s why!

  1. We cannot write more than 350 characters in our reply to you (that’s barely 2–3 sentences).
  2. We can’t get into the details of any technical issues.
  3. You can’t send us screenshots, videos, or bug reports, which are all very useful to us.
  4. We don’t see your email address, so we can’t offer you any personalized help or debugging tips.

Sending feedback through the app includes basic technical information

This method captures basic system information automatically that is invaluable to us in diagnosing issues.

App → Settings → Send Feedback

Troubleshooting Mode

For even faster investigation, enable Troubleshooting Mode before sending us feedback.

If you send a regular email, or contact us via Reddit or Facebook or other means, we will ask you to send feedback through the app. Reddit or Facebook are not our official support channels. Although we may occasionally reply to you, these are not our official support channels, and your messages may be missed.

First, check a few things yourself …

Check for temporary server errors

Restart your phone

If you are experiencing high battery drain, or network connectivity issues, try restarting your phone. Many problems in Android are temporary and will go away as soon as you restart the phone.

Check the same site in other browsers

Check Chrome or Firefox to see if it’s a server-side issue affecting all browsers equally. If you see a problem in all browsers, then please contact the owner/operator of that site, not us.

Remember, we have no control over any sites on the Internet

Many people write to us when Facebook or Google or Twitter remove certain popular features, or when these sites change their look and feel. We would like to remind you that our App is a browser, just like Chrome or Firefox.

If any features are changed or missing from any site, please contact the administrators of those sites directly.

Better Bug Reports

If we spend less time requesting additional information from you, we can focus more on fixing the issue you are facing. Help us help you by including all relevant details in your initial bug report.

Describe your problem in detail — at least 2–3 sentences

“It doesn’t work” is not enough information for us to diagnose a problem. Unfortunately, that is exactly what a lot of bug reports say, with no additional information. Sometimes it takes multiple conversations to even understand what the problem is.

Please be more specific when describing a problem. It helps to describe separately the two things: what you expected to see happen, and what actually happened.

The more details you provide upfront, the faster we can help solve your problem.

Always include the URL (address of the site)

If there’s a problem with a specific site, include the URL of the site.

Include a screenshot or video

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes a screenshot or video can quickly explain an issue without needing you to write a lot.

If you see a crash, please send an Android Bug Report

Here are our instructions for sending a bug report. Without a bug report, we may not be able to investigate your problem fully.

Include Google Play Order Number for purchase problems

That is the only way we can track your purchase. We cannot see your email address, we cannot see your names. Include the Google Play Order Number as text that can be copied/pasted, not as a screenshot.

Thanks for contacting us!

We want to make sure you are happy.