Android Bug Reports

Certain issues cannot be investigated with a screenshot alone. For those, we need a complete bug report. Follow the steps below to send us a full bug report.

Take a Bug Report

  1. Enable Developer Mode. Tap on Settings β†’ About phone β†’ Build number. The build number is usually 6 characters long, and looks like MOB30W or LPV87A. Tap on the Build number 7 (seven) times. (Yes, this is like a secret handshake!) You will see a popup saying β€œDeveloper Mode enabled”.

  2. Enable USB Debugging. Tap on Settings β†’ Developer options β†’ Enable USB Debugging.

  3. Perform the Problematic Action. Since Android bug reports only capture the last few minutes of data, it is important to take a bug report immediately after performing the action that caused an issue. Open the App where you are seeing a problem, and perform the problematic action again.

  4. Take a Bug Report. Tap on Settings β†’ Developer options β†’ Take bug report.

You will see a warning that a bug report will take some time, and that you should be patient. This takes more than a minute, and it might appear as if your phone is not doing anything β€” this is normal.

Send us the Bug Report

  1. Share Bug Report: When the bug report is ready, select the option to email it, and enter our address:

  2. Attach a Screenshot: A screenshot is equally invaluable when trying to understand a bug. Please take a screenshot in the usual way and attach it to the email above.

  3. Include a Personal Message: Please tell us in detail what you were trying to do, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead. These detailed steps help us reproduce any problems at our end and ultimately help get a fix out to you sooner. If you do not provide enough information, we will ask for it in our reply, which just wastes valuable time for both of us.

Thanks for helping us improve our Apps!