Crashes and How We Handle Them

Elevated Crash Rate on Google Pixel Devices

For the past few months, we have noticed an elevated crash rate and higher incidence of ANR (Application Not Responding) reports on Google Pixel devices. These issues are seen only on Google Tensor chips designed by Google, and not on any other SoCs.

We’ve filed multiple bugs with Google. We are waiting for them to respond/fix. You can help get these issues more attention from Google by starring & up-voting each of these bugs.

According to Google, “Top #1st browser crash on latest webview stable #114.0.5735.130.
26790 crashes from 25914 clients.
It’s a top#1 webview crash seen on latest beta on android.
Its a new crash introduced in M110 and regressed as below.”


According to Google, “We have shared this with our product and engineering team and will update this issue with more information as it becomes available.”


25 comments, 47 people have starred/+1’d it, but no action yet from Google.

All these issues are caused by bugs in WebView or in core Android libraries, not in our app code. Since the root cause is in code authored by and maintained by Google, there’s nothing we can do proactively except to wait for Google to fix them.

Please accept our sincere apologies, we are looking forward to seeing this issue fixed as eagerly as you all are.

Why do Apps sometimes Crash?

An app is a complex piece of software that depends on many other complex pieces of software to work correctly. Even if one of these has a subtle programming error, the entire app will crash.

In our apps, we strive to reduce our crash rate to effectively zero, but this is virtually impossible, so we try to make it as low as possible.

Despite all these, we try our very best to make our apps crash as little as possible.

How we Reduce Crashes

We do several things to detect and fix crashes.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯: For some crashes in Google libraries and tools, we really have no option but to shrug and say sorry! All we can say is, please keep reporting these issues, and we hope Google will address them in the next update.