Google Play Issues with Premium

Here are a few troubleshooting tips if Premium features are not being correctly activated on your device. Please try them before contacting us, and if you’re still facing issues, we’re here to help!

Purchased via Unlocker app?

If you purchased Premium features via a separate Premium Unlocker app, make sure you remember to install it on any new devices you buy. You do not need to buy anything from us again, but you must make sure to install it on your new device. You can find a list of your previously-purchased apps in the Google Play app.

Purchased via In-App Purchase?

If you purchased Premium features via an In-App Purchase, but they are not being activated correctly, this may be due to a long-standing & well-known bug in Google Play. It’s not something we can fix in our app (trust us, we’ve tried a lot!)

Solution: Clear all data from the Google Play Store app (not this app) & restart it. You will not lose any purchased apps or games; this simply cleans up the local copy of the data, and Google Play will download everything again when you restart it.

  1. Close this app.
  2. Close the Google Play Store app.
  3. Go to your phone’s home screen, then tap on the “Settings” app.
  4. In Settings, tap on the “Apps” section.
  5. In the “Apps” section, tap on the “All Apps” tab.
  6. Locate “Google Play” in the list, and tap on it.
  7. Tap on “Clear All Data” and “Clear Cache”, both.
  8. Go back to your phone’s home screen.
  9. Launch Google Play Store, and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  10. Wait 1-2 minutes until Google Play finishes setting everything up.
  11. Launch the original app again.

Google Play does not handle Multiple Accounts correctly

If you have multiple Google Accounts set up on your device, then Google Play does not always correctly associate your in-app purchases with the right account. You should make sure that you install our apps on your device using the same account that you purchased premium with.

The most reliable way of doing this is by using a Web browser.

  1. Open your Web browser on a computer, and log out of all Google accounts.
  2. Log in to Google Play with your chosen Google account.
  3. Search for the app, and request it to be installed on your mobile device (your phone).

Note that this is a bug in Google Play, not this app, and affects many more apps. See discussions here, here, and here.

Still Doesn’t Work? Contact Us

Please contact us, we’re here to help! — make sure to copy/paste your Google Play Order Number (looks like GPA.xxxx — search in your Gmail) — and we’ll do our best to help you.

We have a solid reputation for responding to our customers’ questions to their full satisfaction (check out our reviews), and we take that responsibility seriously.

1-star reviews will not fix your issue

We can help you faster if we are able to have a two-sided conversation with you, exchange screenshots and bug reports, or keep you updated on the progress of any issues found, but Google Play does not share your email address with us.

So always contact us directly via the Send Feedback feature in the app.