Elevated Crash Rate on Google Pixel Devices

Dec 31, 2022

For the past few months, we have noticed an elevated crash rate and higher incidence of ANR (Application Not Responding) reports on Google Pixel devices. These issues are seen only on Google Tensor chips designed by Google, and not on any other SoCs.

We’ve filed bugs with Google ( 255397162, 262071604 ) and are waiting for them to respond/fix. You can help get these issues more attention from Google by starring them.

They’re caused by bugs in WebView or in core Android libraries, not in our app code. Since the root cause is in code authored by and maintained by Google, there’s nothing we can do proactively except to wait for Google to fix them.

Please accept our sincere apologies, we are looking forward to seeing this issue fixed as eagerly as you all are.

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