Hermit 20 β€” Assorted New & Improved Features that make the Hermit Experience better

Mar 29, 2022

Info Cards: Many people look for answers about various features in Hermit, so the latest release includes Info Cards that explain a few of the advanced features, how they work, and where to get help.

New Dark Mode: On Android Q, R and S, Hermit now uses a more robust Dark Mode implementation, that looks better on more websites than ever before.

Better Downloads Support for misconfigured servers. Hermit can now sniff the MIME type better, so you’ll see correct filenames even when the server provided the wrong one. (E.g. even if a server sends a picture with a β€œ.php” extension, Hermit can auto-correct it to β€œ.png”.)

Swipe Gestures: For those of you who use Gesture Navigation on your phone, and want to turn off swiping in apps, Hermit now lets you enable or disable gestures for opening Bookmarks and Quick Settings. (Hermit β†’ Settings β†’ Lite Apps β†’ Swipe Gestures)

Early Access Program Discontinued: We are thankful to all our Early Access Program users whose feedback and suggestions have shaped Hermit into the app it is today. It’s clear that users are getting tired of too many subscriptions, and would much rather prefer a one-time purchase model.

Moving forward, all new features will be available immediately to everyone who upgraded to Premium. Check out our detailed Help Article & cancel your subscription.

Bottom Toolbar: Phone too large? Move the toolbar to the bottom. (Hermit β†’ Settings β†’ Lite Apps β†’ Toolbar Position)

Supports window.print() for printing directly from JavaScript.

Force Enable Zoom: New Scriptlet that force-enables zoom on sites that actively prevent the user from zooming the page.

Join Beta from within the app.

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