Hermit 22 β€” Dress up the app in your favorite colors with Material You!

Oct 31, 2022

Just in time for Halloween, you can now dress up Hermit in your favorite costume.

Material You: Hermit 22 lets you customize all app colors using Android’s new theming system. You can configure all the apps on your phone to follow the same color scheme as your wallpaper, or any other color. This works on all devices on Android 13+ that support Material You, including Google Pixel and third-party devices.

Brand New Share Screen: You can now share links from other apps to open in the right Lite App in Hermit. You’ll also see lots of tiny improvements in the sharing experience.

Improved Reader Settings: Customize fonts, colors, and text zoom for Reader Mode directly within Reader Mode. You can also share any content directly while reading it.

A few important bug fixes include

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