Hermit 25 β€” UserScripts: make the Web yours, customize every page you visit

Jul 03, 2023

UserScripts are quick and easy ways to modify the content of any page you visit. Written in JavaScript, you can run UserScripts within Hermit, and achieve what extensions, add-ons, boosts, and power-ups do in other browsers. There are several thousands of UserScripts written by others & shared online that you can install and use directly.

More information about UserScripts in Hermit is available in our Help Article.

UserScripts is a Premium feature: you can either buy it separately, or it’s also included as part of the full Premium bundle.

Using a Web browser with Ad Blocking & customized UserScripts is a great alternative for sites whose CEOs have started imposing wacky draconian rules for third-party apps. And also for upcoming new communities like Lemmy, that have yet to see high-quality third-party apps developed for it.

Other Noteworthy Improvements

Icon Picker for Icon Packs

You can now pick custom icons from icon packs more easily, without being limited to photos and images from your device.

Tablet Layout Optimizations

While previous versions of Hermit have already been well-optimized for tablets, we re-did a lot more testing with the new Google Pixel Tablet, and thus this release includes a few more quality fixes specifically for tablets.

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