Hermit 26 — More Sandboxes & Lots of Tiny Improvements

Oct 03, 2023

The updates keep coming! This one brings 2× the number of sandboxes, easier ways to create new Lite Apps, more support for UserScripts, and a few other goodies.

More Sandboxes — now up to 10

We heard from some of you that 5 sandboxes weren’t enough for compartmentalizing your digital life, so we’ve now doubled the number.

A frequently-asked question we get is, why not allow infinite sandboxes: the way sandboxes work, they have to be individually created and defined inside the app. They cannot be created at run-time. Each sandbox works in its own process, so there are also performance concerns with enabling a large number of sandboxes. We will continue to listen to feedback, and as hardware evolves, we’ll consider adding even more sandboxes in the future.

Copy a Lite App to Create a New One

For those of you creating multiple Lite Apps that are similar, or to use the same Lite App in different sandboxes, you can now copy an existing Lite App, and use it as a template to create as many new ones as you need. In the main Hermit app, tap on the three-dots menu, select “Copy”.

UserScripts in Incognito Mode

In previous versions, UserScripts could only be used for Lite Apps. Now, you can turn on UserScripts that will be applied to all pages loaded in Incognito Mode. Note that any site inclusions or exclusion defined in a UserScript file (using the @match or @exclude headers) will still be checked first.

Install UserScripts from a Library

To make it easier to discover and start using UserScripts, we now offer a Library within the app itself. More UserScripts will be added over time, and feel free to suggest ones you would like to see added.

Install UserScripts by opening .user.js files from your device

Use any file manager app, and choose to open any existing JavaScript files in Hermit. You will be prompted to install it as a UserScript or a Bookmarklet.

Reader Mode Improvements

Reader Mode has been available for several years in Hermit. Now, the Reader Mode button in the toolbar shows up for even more sites. The new Reader UI shows images from the original page in addition to page content.

Search for Lite Apps in Library by name

The Lite Apps Library in Hermit has grown over the years. There are now over 250+ Lite Apps available to install in one click. That made it hard to quickly find the ones you’re looking for. So now, you can type the first few letters to search for Lite Apps by name, and then install them in Hermit.

Downloaded files open automatically when ready

When a download completes, you no longer need to open your file manager to view it. Downloaded files will open automatically in the default viewer app, giving you easy and quick access to all files.

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