Our app has no relationship with spyware app of the same name

Jun 17, 2022

News reports today indicate the discovery of a spyware app originating in Kazakhstan that is also unfortunately named Hermit. We would like to clarify that our app has absolutely no relationship with this other spyware/malware app. The newly-discovered app has been given the same name as ours, which is sadly an unfortunate coincidence.

Here are some news articles about the spyware app:

Our app Hermit has been on Google Play for over 7 years, trusted by millions of users, and has had a stellar reputation for protecting your privacy.

Our app Hermit is developed in California, has no other developers, or investors, or shareholders.

We have no deals with any other companies or organizations.

We do not sell any data, or install anything to your device.

The only way Hermit makes money for sustained development & progress is through Premium features that are directly paid for by our users.

Thank you!

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