Hermit 21 — Designed for Android 13 Tiramisu and Tablets

Sep 10, 2022

Major design updates bring more Material Design across the app. New features and optimizations for devices running Android 13 Tiramisu. Better layout on tablets. New privacy features, such as Tracking Parameter Remover. And lots more! Celebrating more than 7 years of regular, free, updates to the original Lite Apps Browser that make it even better!

Major Design Updates

First and foremost, you’ll notice a brand new design that is more in line with Material Design than ever before. Almost all widgets, buttons, toolbars, etc. fully embrace Material Design.

Remove Tracking Parameters

New feature: This was introduced a few releases ago, but is relatively new. When you turn it on, Hermit will automatically strip out URL parameters that are commonly used for tracking your web visits by advertisers and data brokers.

Updated for Android 13 Tiramisu

We always like to stay up-to-date with the user interface, privacy, and security improvements that Google makes during every new Android release.

Other Improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

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