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Tip Calculator — personalize your own color schemes with Material You!

Our Tip Calculator app has been highly-rated at 4.6 stars for its simple yet functional design. And of course, for containing NO ads, NO personal information collection, and NO shady SDKs — just like all our other apps.

Personalized Color Schemes with Material You: We’re always looking for ways to keep your experience modern & fresh. The latest version of Tip Calculator now supports custom themes using Material You, available on all phones and tablets that support it.

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Hermit 21 — Designed for Android 13 Tiramisu and Tablets

Major design updates bring more Material Design across the app. New features and optimizations for devices running Android 13 Tiramisu. Better layout on tablets. New privacy features, such as Tracking Parameter Remover. And lots more! Celebrating more than 7 years of regular, free, updates to the original Lite Apps Browser that make it even better!

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Our app has no relationship with spyware app of the same name

News reports today indicate the discovery of a spyware app originating in Kazakhstan that is also unfortunately named Hermit. We would like to clarify that our app has absolutely no relationship with this other spyware/malware app. The newly-discovered app has been given the same name as ours, which is sadly an unfortunate coincidence.

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Our Own Indie Store for Downloads and Purchases

Many of our privacy-conscious users choose to get their Android apps from sources other than Google Play. And Google Play Store is not available in every country around the world either.

For a long time, we have offered direct app downloads from us via We have also supported buying Premium apps directly from us via PayPal at

Today, we are announcing that our apps can be installed and auto-updated via any compatible F-Droid client app.

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Celebrating 7th Anniversary with a Worldwide Sale!

We can’t believe it’s already been 7 years since Hermit was first introduced! Since then, we’ve seen 20 major releases, 100s of minor releases, supporting 8 Android versions all the way back to Lollipop, and soon Tiramisu. And of course, all of you millions of happy customers who have rated the app 4.6+ stars over the years!

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